Watch This: The Smile of the Sun documentary, from snow to sun for the first time ever

Imagine living in a country where it is almost always overcast, often snowy and usually cold. It’s beautifully dramatic but also harsh, isolated and remote. You’ve never left your country and never experienced another type of climate.

And then you’re whisked off to a country that is warm and sunny with blue skies and golden sand. You can strip off your layers of clothes, feel the sand between your bare toes, swim in the sea and feel the sun on your skin. You can see new animals for the first time like camels and lizards. You can walk through forests and hike to waterfalls.

Imagine how wonderful but how strange it would be to experience this for the first time.

Imagine wearing flip flops for the first time! Splashing about with your family in a swimming pool for the first time and kayaking in your swimsuit rather than wrapped up in warm layers.

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This is exactly what happened when a group of Inuit people were invited to take a holiday to the Canary Islands. They travelled from their small village of Kulusuk in the east of Greenland to a country considered to have one of the best climates in the world, the Canary Islands. The Inuit who visited the Canary Islands were hunters and fishermen and their families.

They were aged from 1 to 64 and had barely heard of the Canary Islands before. The seven islands couldn’t be more different to the climate and landscape they’re used to in the home country. Temperatures in the Canaries rarely drop below 15.5 degrees C, even in the winter. Summer temperature are in the mid 20’s and bright blue skies are the norm. In Greenland, temperatures rarely sneak about 10 degrees C, even in the summer. From November until January they experience the winter darkness where they only get 3-4 hours of daylight each day.

Greenland is an undoubtedly beautiful country but I imagine it would be a very difficult place to live.

Their holiday was filmed and a beautiful documentary was created to capture all those special moments.

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You can watch the here or watch the trailer below.


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